Centre Right European Association of Students

CREAS is a European organisation advocating for Christian-democrat, conservative, and liberal political programmes among European students and youth. We champion high-quality and free education, innovation, research, and science, considering them vital for Europe’s continued peace, prosperity, identity and democratic values.

We promote reforms in higher education, organize seminars and conferences, and share important data and political views. We also shape higher education and societal policies, while defending Christian values, democracy, and freedom in Europe

Upholding our Values, Envisioning our Future

Europe stands as a testament to the power of unity and collaboration, embodied in a community of sovereign states that – in spite of a tumultuous history – united in cooperation to bring about the greatest peace project the world has known. For as long as this peace has stood, students and higher education have been fundamental to its life and betterment. Within the hallowed halls of Europe’s universities and by the grace of their teachings, the European project has been nurtured and kept alive. Indeed, these universities are not only the heart of academic learning but also the cradle of Europe’s future – nurturing and empowering the custodians of our values, sovereignty, and shared future.

However, this endeavour, as important as it is, faces constant threats and challenges. Growing protectionism, demographic shifts, an energy crisis, a raging war in Ukraine, disinformation campaigns and cyber threats are some examples. Environmental threats also loom large, as climate change and biodiversity loss pose serious challenges to the health and wellbeing of our citizens. The academic freedoms of the universities, well suited and essential for the solutions to many of these problems, are heavily beset by political agendas.

We are steadfast in our belief that our principles, combined with the ingenuity and energy of our student community, will be essential in navigating us through these trials. We recognise the invaluable role of students in fostering solutions and cultivating institutions that last these tests. In the face of adversity, we are more committed than ever to our work, working on the policies of the future and safeguarding the values that bind us together. As the custodians of the future, we remain hopeful and resolute, fuelled by our shared vision of a future Europe and inspired by those that came before us. As we face tomorrow, we do so with a clear sense of purpose, guided by our heritage and bound by our shared commitment to the European project.

Our History

CREAS emerged from the longstanding friendships and cooperation among many of its member organisations. For example, as early as 1953, Swedish and German students convened to discuss the situation of students in their countries and across Europe. This cooperation expanded to include many other students from European countries. The work persisted for many decades and, in recent years, culminated in the desire of our founding organisations to establish a new umbrella organisation for conservative, liberal and christian-democratic European students. This new entity was with the mission to foster Europe-wide discussions on student issues in an open and transparent manner. Thanks to the concerted efforts of our ten founding members, CREAS was established in July 2022 in Berlin and conducted its first elections in April 2023 in Bonn

The Executive Board of CREAS

Arvid Bertilsson

Chairman (Sweden)

Joonas Pulliainen

Deputy Chairman and Treasurer (Finland)

Nico Göricke

Deputy Chairman and Political Coordinator (Germany)

Vincent Koks

Vice Chairman for Higher Education and Research (Luxembourg)

Andreas Salomonsen

Vice Chairman for Academic Freedom (Denmark)

Nico Bucalo

Vice Chairman for Future Europe (Croatia)

Paula Egger

Vice Chairwoman responsible for communications (Austria)

CREAS' Constitutional Documents

This document lays out CREAS’s statutes.

This document contains the founding declaration of the Ordinary Members.